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THIS GAME REQUIRES AN XBOX360 PAD TO PLAY! Made for the 2016 GameCraft Gamejam, theme: RESCUE!

A cooperative game of medical hilarity! Player 1 and Player 2 split the joypad between them, playing paramedics using a stretcher to rescue injured people!

Use your respective trigger to lift your end of the stretcher - the harder you hold the trigger, the higher the paramedic holds his end of the gurney! You must be lifting the stretcher slightly in order to move, using your side's analogue stick.

If you patient falls off the stretcher, align the stretcher over the patient and let go of both triggers. The Patient should be snapped back onto the gurney.

Beat the current high-score - four rescued in two minutes! Good luck!

Published Dec 19, 2016
AuthorReverend Speed
Tagscoop, Game Jam, gamepad, pad, paramedic


WorstAidWin.zip 14 MB